Back To School – Yeah Buddy

After all the drama and stress that happened finals week, I was almost glad to be going home for the summer.
But, I was not expecting summer to be anything like it was.
The drama that had happened really shook my confidence. It was bad. And I am still suffering the repercussions of that. My relationship suffered because of it (and other things, but that’s another story).
I really found myself questioning everything about myself – second guessing, being hard on myself, wondering just what I am doing in college.
Because of this, I decided that something needed to change and it was most likely just how I saw myself.
I started by completely revamping my wardrobe. (It is amazing what clothes that actually fit do for confidence.) Currently, I’m Pinteresting for Fall stuff.
I got a new haircut and am currently growing my hair out. I’m also thinking about maybe dyeing the underpart of my hair a burgundy color…I dunno…
My major may be changed as well. Don’t know what to yet, but something in Public Relations or something?
It’s a new year, new classes, new people, new friends, new me.
I look forward to it.

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