I am someone who for several years struggled with depression.
Some drama occurred in our dorm and I completely shut myself off from everyone – even my boyfriend. Yesterday he opened up to me and told me that he had depression.  He did not outright say it, but I think my actions triggered it. He also said that he had not wanted to talk about it because I did not know what it felt like.
I was really just heartbroken.
My boyfriend – the man that is not only my best friend, but someone who knows me better than most anyone else – did not think I would understand.

I think that sometimes we feel alone in our struggles.
I think that we feel that no one listens.
Yet, we are never alone.
And there is always someone listening.
And, yes, God is always there and always listens, but he puts people in our lives to help us grow and heal.
I believe that I am in my boyfriend’s life (and he in mine) because we have something to learn from each other.
God bless,

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