An Overly-Dramatic Beginning

Dear Reader,

I just joined wordpress today and, I admit, it was to read a friend’s blog.  Both this friend and my boyfriend suggested that I begin a blog of my own.  At first I resisted, but, the temptation was too great.

By writing this blog, it is not my intention to give the impression that I am or even think that I am anything other than myself.

I find that, in my day-to-day life, there are far to many people who strive to be other than who they are.

We have wars, liars, lima beans, murderers, thieves, unfinished projects hidden in the corner, politicians, wasabi, tumblr, and homework.

Does that not darken your thought on life?

But, we, humans, redeem ourselves.

We have chocolate and truffles, tea and cookies, the Eiffel Tower, butterfly gardens, online societies that assist those suffering from a myriad of problems, pinterest, and (let’s not forget…) caffeine.

We have the potential to create and we often use it for good.

As proven by the entrance of a baby into the light of this world, the world does not end with an overly-dramatic event.

It is just beginning.



One thought on “An Overly-Dramatic Beginning

  1. Dear Writer,

    I love this idea! I cannot wait to hear more! Dare I say this friend and boyfriend may be on to something by convincing you to write this?




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