The Meditations: On Direction

I am sitting here; at my once-pristine-but-now-stained-and-splattered-with-the-remnants-of-artistic-adventures desk, and contemplating life (as I am wont to do on such rainy days as this). By living my life just a bit more socially (as well as online) than I have since Papa passed away I have come to the stark realization that I’m stuck.  I look…… Continue reading The Meditations: On Direction

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On Writing: Fanfiction

Fan fiction in any form can be entertaining. Some people use it to hone their own skills (be they writing, drawing, digital art, comics strips, voice acting, etc) others use it as a form of immersion.  Personally, fan fiction is a fine instrument that, when used correctly, has an infinite amount of potential. The difficulty…… Continue reading On Writing: Fanfiction